Video Series Of Family Friendly Rugby Games

Irish Rugby has launched a new video series of games that families can enjoy in their own homes.

The videos are being rolled out across Irish Rugby social media channels with a full series to be hosted on YouTube.

Families can enjoy the games at at time when measures are being taken to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The games are simple, easy to play, and assist in the development of fundamental movement skills.

Rugby Skills Series:

01. ‘Throw and Clap’ Developing Catch & Throw Skills

02. ‘Pass & Tag’ Developing Catch, Pass, Run & Tag Skills

03. ‘Turn and Catch’ Developing Catch & Throw Skills

4. ‘Tennis Ball Drop’ Developing Catch Skills

05. ‘Partner Reflex’ Developing Balance & Coordination Skills

06. ‘Pass & Run’ Developing Catch & Pass Skills

07. ‘The Gauntlet’ Developing Agility Skills